Aahaar Rangoli Storage Jar with Cap – Round – JR500 – (3 pieces) 500 ml.

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The Rangoli Storage Jar is a transparent storage jar with a smart steel cap. Stylish, clean, hygienic and contemporary durable jar, just right for a modern kitchen. The combination of clear glass and stainless steel is guaranteed to enhance the look of any setting.

These Rangoli Jars are inspired by the ever popular Aahaar Jars. “Aahaar” means food, and for over decades the Aahaar bulk storage jars have been used in the Indian kitchen as the “barni”. Everybody remembers growing up with the sight of these ubiquitous red-capped jars being taken out every season. After they are washed, dried in the sun and filled to the brim with anaaj, pickles, jams, spices and lentils, they win many hearts.

Rangoli jars are named according to their holding capacity in kilograms and although this method is subject to a wide variation, the nomenclature has been maintained to prevent confusion amongst customers who are familiar and used to the old names.

Our food-grade glass is the number one choice for it makes a healthy kitchen and a happy family.

The image displayed shows our Rangoli Snack Jars (3 Pieces) – JR500- with air tight caps. Other details are as follows:
Unit Height: 114.3 mm
Unit Maximum Diameter: 73.66 mm
Cap Material: Plastic
Primary Use: Lentils Storage, Food Storage, Pickles Storage, Spices Storage, Sweets Storage, Snacks Storage, Rice Storage, Kitchen Storage
Standard: Food Grade, Dishwasher Safe

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