tumbler glass set

Having the proper glassware is essential for appreciating whiskey, whether you’re a seasoned drinker or just starting out. You don’t need to use a specific glass for each sort of whiskey like you do with wine. Whether you prefer a traditional Scotch, Canadian rye, or silky bourbon, enjoying a glass of your favorite whiskey is a crucial part of the experience.

Similarly, we don’t think any of us would ever turn down a glass of juice. Juice is the perfect beverage for any occasion, whether you need to cool off from the scorching heat or just need to refuel in the midst of a full day. It is the drink most commonly served at social gatherings and is, therefore, the most popular choice among hosts. 

Let’s simply agree that no matter what kind of juice is being served, it won’t look as good in plain old glass as it would in something more elegant. All drinks, from mocktails to cocktails to plain old H2O, benefit greatly from being served in an attractive tumbler glass.

YERA whisky glass set of 6 is the standard fare, the workhorses of the whisky glass world. The wide rim of the tumbler makes it less than ideal for nosing, but that’s not why you’d want to use it: it’s perfect for loading up with ice and your favorite whisky or for whipping up any number of time-tested cocktails. 

Its wide and sturdy base is perfect for muddling ingredients for cocktails, and its minimalist form allows even the simplest beverages to shine. This classic tumbler glass is a must-have for every whisky enthusiast who wants to experience the spirit in all its forms.

Why Use Glass Jars to Keep Juice?

The general public increasingly recognizes the health advantages of using glass tumblers and bottles. Everybody knows that a glass bottle or jar starts with nature. Glass may be reused without first decomposing as plastic does. 

Glass bottles and jars are ideal, especially for a juicing shop. The juice you buy in these glass bottles will stay fresh for far longer than if you bought it in plastic. If you buy YERA  juice glasses set of 6, you must know that drinking freshly pressed juice from a glass enhances the flavor, while a plastic bottle can pick up off-flavors. 

If you’re looking to purchase a pair of juice glasses for your home, we’ve got six of the greatest alternatives right here!

1. Auburn Lake Tumbler T7PS

YERA created and produced these Auburn tumblers in India. They are made of high-quality glass, making them resistant to heat and scratches. As a result, they are an excellent choice for storing beverages of varying temperatures. 

YERA makes these tumblers, and they do not contain any BPA, are non-toxic, and are approved for use with food. You have several alternatives to choose from when purchasing one of these tumblers from YERA to get the one that is the most suitable for you.

2. Bar & Banquet Tumbler Plain TC-340

They are very light in weight. Because it is manufactured of high-quality glass, which is heat- and scratch-resistant, it is the ideal choice for storing beverages of various temperatures. They can be used to consume anything, including juice, smoothies, and whiskey. These tumblers are BPA-free, non-toxic, and completely food-safe, thanks to YERA. You can choose from a variety of alternatives for these tumblers made by YERA to discover the one that fits you well.

3. Bar & Banquet Tumbler Plain TP-345

As true beauty lies in simplicity, this plain tumbler glass set by YERA is the perfect addition to your collection, as it can be used for bar drinks and for functions and ceremonies. Use them to serve your whiskey or juice and get the best of both worlds!

4. Classic Design Stylo Tumblers T-245-TH

YERA’s tumbler glass set is made to be super light and durable. Because of its resistance to heat and scratches, it is an excellent choice for storing beverages at varying temperatures. It’s the kind of thing that goes well with a glass of single malt and some alone time. Our assortment of whiskey tumblers is created to accentuate the golden glow of your evening drink.

5. Classic Design Stylo Tumblers T-270-TH

For your healthy juice or smoothie intake, this one is tall enough to accommodate the required portion and looks really stylish as you step out in your garden, sipping. Moreover, its scratch-resistant quality makes it even more attractive to use while they serve its purpose.

6. Classic Design Stylo Tumblers T-205-TH

Lastly, the perfect size to serve an evening iced tea, fruit crushes, or even hard liquor, this tumbler glass set by YERA is multi-purpose drinkware. 

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