YERA gift jars can be used for a variety of purposes. Gift them to your loved ones at baby showers, weddings, bridal parties, and birthdays; YERA offers BPA-free lined metal lids that are lead-free and food-grade glass storage that is completely safe to use.

These jars are odorless, unbreakable, and have an airtight see-through lid to keep the freshness of the contents intact for a long time. Using a glass jar for a gift is a unique concept since they contribute to the homogeneity of the kitchen. These versatile jars are stackable, clear, airtight, and durable. If you are scouting for elegant, contemporary, and sleek design gift sets for your loved ones, then the YERA gift range of glassware will surely impress you. The containers are available in a variety of sizes. The pattern on the jars makes them incredibly fashionable and ideal for both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

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Citrona Lemon Set (1 GS120 Jug + 6 TS8 Glasses)

Delicia Pudding Set B35PC+B7PC

Diana Jars ICR-0775-0415(2pcs Gift Pack MRP Rs.440)

Drona Dessert Set 5

Eva Jar IPR-880-0360(2 Pcs MRP Rs.390)

Fiona Jars NPR-0202( 2pcs Gift Pack MRP Rs.440)

Florida Jars (International Series)

Florida Jars PSR-0810-0640(1 Pc Gift Pack MRP.Rs.250)

Gracia(Monk Jar Plain)

Lucia Jar(JR-245) with Printed Lid

Olivia Jars IBR-0850-360(2 pcs MRP Rs.390)

Polaris Dessert Set 7

Sweet Pepper Jars JR-275(3 pcs Gift Pack MRP Rs.200

Utsav Dessert Set BP8M25

Viviana Jars IJR-0760-044 (1 Pc MRP-Rs.220 & 2pcs MRP-Rs.440)

Viviana Monk Jar Color Coated

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