The purpose of glass bowls is more than just serving. A glass dessert bowl set is a staple in every home these ways. Glass bowls were created specifically for the purpose of presenting food in an appetizing manner. Because of these items, the food can be displayed beautifully on the table before it is even served.

Serving meals with a high acid content, which would eat away at the surface of a plastic or metal bowl, is another usage for bowls made of glass. The wide range of Yera Ice Cream Bowl has many varieties that can help you choose from, they are flattering to look at, fulfil their purpose of holding their content, and are safe and durable to use.

You can even warm your leftovers in this dessert bowl set, as they are microwave safe, and serve piping hot pasta, soup, or dry fruits to your guests in these bowls.

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Delicia Pudding Set B35PC+B7PC

Drona Dessert Set 5

Polaris Dessert Set 7

Utsav Dessert Set BP8M25

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