Kitchen storage jars and containers are everyday use kitchenware that helps you keep your kitchen clean and organized. These include multipurpose kitchen storage jars that can be used as grocery containers, refrigerator containers, spice containers, tea/coffee, sugar containers, etc. You can choose an airtight kitchen storage set to store spices and tea, so they remain fresh for a long time.

Glass kitchen storage jars can be used in refrigerators as they have no odor and can help keep the content fresh for an extended period. Storing your spices, dry foods, and pulses becomes easy when you choose from a wide range of products from YERA. Airtight containers, ranging in size from small to large, are available from our brand that can be used to store everything from spices to groceries. The containers will come in handy if you’re creating a new kitchen. You can be assured of superior quality and great durability when buying from YERA.

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Aahaar Jar JR-1

Aahaar Jar JR-1.5

Aahaar Jar JR-120-DLX

Aahaar Jar JR-150

Aahaar Jar JR-2

Aahaar Jar JR-4

Aahaar Jar JR-5

Aahaar Jar JS-1.5

Aahaar Jar JS-2

Aahaar Jar JS-3

Aahaar Jar JS-4

Aahaar Jar JS-6

Aahaar Jar JS-8

Aahaar Jars JR 2kg

Aahaar jars JS8

Aahaar Jars-JR 3KG

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