Choosing the Right Jar for Aachar

Summer reminds everyone of delicious mangoes and tasty mango pickles. 

There is at least one member in the family who loves eating Aachar. However, the secret is to store it for a longer duration. This is where Achar jars can come in handy. These jars can even be used to store Spices and grains. 

Every household in India you will find jars and containers for storing Aachar, basic part of the kitchen essentials. 

Many Indians consider it a complimentary ingredient to their daily food. However, housewives struggle most with preserving it for a longer shelf life.

The very first thing that you need to do while purchasing a jar,  is choosing the appropriate jars for pickle storage. This can greatly impact the recipe and how the pickle is preserved. 

In this write-up, we will focus on the various things that you should pick when purchasing the ideal achar jar set or glass container for your kitchen.

Material Matters: Glass over Plastic

Eco-friendly products have recently become a top priority for responsible global citizens. Our environment must be safe and pollution-free; an achar container can be ideal.

The reason is that it made up of glass. This makes high-quality glass containers ideal storage devices for kitchens worldwide.

Another reason is that, unlike plastic, glass does not react with the acidic components in pickles, helping to maintain their taste. 

Apart from this, you can observe that glass is non porous.It does not allow for the absorption of odors or flavors. Hence, you can reuse them without any concerns about previous smells. 

The third reason is that YERA glass jars is eco-friendly soda lime glass, which is perfect for kitchen storage. 

YERA glass jars are renowned for their uncompromising quality and durability, which makes them perfect for storing achar. So, if you are looking to enjoy the delicious taste of pickles even after two or three months, YERA glass jars are your best choice.

The choice of jars size also makes a huge difference in the kitchen set. If you want to preserve larger quantity of achar then you can go for larger size jars. On the other hand, if your consumption is less, you can purchase a small to medium-sized jars. 

The final criterion is the seal of the jar. The only thing that ensures that your achar stays in good quality for a long shelf life is the achar jar glass walls that do not allow any air inside or outside. 

The best resort is to evaluate all the achar jar glass alternatives with tightly fitting lids or vacuum seals so your pickles stay fresh longer.

Design and Usability: Form Meets Function

Apart from the functionality of kitchen jars, which is a must, it would be best not to ignore their design aspect. A perfect achar container should serve its purpose and add value to your kitchen’s aesthetics. 

You can select from lots of shapes and sizes of kitchen glass containers, from classic designs to trendy, minimalistic ones. 

The best option for home makers and people preparing aachar at home is to select achar jars based on their needs when it comes to storage and create beauty and design that looks aesthetically pleasing to outsiders. 

Next, you can choose the wide-mouth design of the jars. This reduces the access challenges to your aachar content. It is a small yet significant aspect that can prove vital to enhancing the usability of your achar. 

Sustainability and Safety: Green Choices

Today, most of us have become environmentally responsible. The reason is the effects of global warming, which are seen worldwide in terms of climate changes and increasing natural disasters.

To do your bit, you should select glass jars as they are recyclable and reusable. This can greatly impact the sustainability scale as a human being.

This is where glass kitchen containers, such as YERA’s jars, help preserve the taste of your pickles and keep the environment clean.

In addition, glass jars are safer than plastic ones, as they do not contain BPA, which can seep into your achar and adversely affect your health.

Maintenance and Care: Preservation of Lifespan

As a housewife, your entire day is spent caring and maintaining your home, including your kitchen.

Similarly, proper care and maintenance of your jars is significant. It allows you to enhance their life span, improve their quality, and keep them safe.

It has been observed that kitchen glass containers, particularly achar jars, accumulate bacteria if not cleaned regularly. Hence, they should be rinsed properly with warm, soapy water before and after each washing. 

When it comes to YERA glass jars, rest assured that they are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. This makes your maintenance job easier. 

You must also check the seals and lids should be fitted properly. If the sealed achar jar is compromised, air may seep in, spoiling your achar. 

Once you follow these tips to maintain your YERA kitchen jars, your pickles will stay fresh for a longer shelf life.

Achar Jars Creative Uses Other than storage

Most housewives know the usefulness of achar jar sets for storing pickles. YERA jars are available in wider range and sizes and part of your kitchenware.

In addition, they look aesthetically pleasing, which allows you to use them for DIY projects like making candle holders or decorative light fixtures. 

This makes YERA glass jars suitable for such creative purposes. Their underlying functionality can give your house’s interior design a unique style. 

Thanks to their useful interactions, these  jars can be used for multiple purposes. This allows for the promotion of sustainability using the repurposing of YERA glass jars, giving a unique touch to your house. 

The YERA Advantage: Why Choose YERA Glass Jars

As a home maker, you can opt for YERA glass jars for several reasons mentioned below:

  • They are extremely durable and last longer.
  • Their first-class quality protects your achar and ensure longevity and safe storage.

The YERA brand comes in various sizes and styles, which means that one can fill each type of eating space on the dining table. 

Irrespective of whether you wish to purchase small batches of homemade achar or large bulk storage, YERA supports everyone. 


As a home maker, selecting a proper jar for each kind of storage is essential. It ensures that your pickles and spices  last longer and not spoiled due to inappropriate preservation.

We have already provided the benefits of YERA glass jars in this write-up. To summarize, it helps:

  • To maintain the purity of flavors
  • To serve as an environmental-friendly container, especially YERA glass jars

Ultimately, you should select the material, size, seal, design, and sustainability issues of the container on your achar jar set while making the purchase decision. This will allow your pickles to retain a delicious taste as the day they were put in. 

Enjoy your Pickles making sessions with YERA !!

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