Features of Revolving Spice Jar Set

Spices are an inevitable part of everyone’s kitchen. However, not many would know that they tend to lose their essence if they are not preserved properly. You simply cannot store them in any plastic container if you want to preserve them for longer.

You need special containers that are durable, safe, and easy to store spices. YERA revolving spice jar set is the answer to your spices storing requirements. The revolving spice jar set by YERA comes with lids that can help you retain the essence and aroma of your spices for longer. You can use these revolving spice jar sets to store spices such as cinnamon, chili, etc.

If you still have a hard time understanding why YERA revolving jar set is best for your spice’s storage needs, then peruse the coming sections for better insight.

Features of YERA Revolving Spice Jar Set

Here are some of the most highlighted features of the YERA glass spice jar set:

Food-Grade  and Food Safe Glass Jars

The first and foremost thing that you should look for in a spice jar set is the safety aspect. You need to use food-grade glass jar that is safe for storing spices. 

YERA revolving jar set uses food-grade glass that is tested to keep your spices safe. The fact that YERA food-grade glass can keep the shelf life of your spices intact is a prime feature that entices customers into trying it.


You need a glass spice jar set that is easy to clean and hygienic. YERA revolving spice jar set wins the race even in this criterion. These jars are very easy to clean; hence, you can use them without any hygiene concerns.

The glass jar’s rim provides a tighter seal than the cap, even though most tops are made of plastic. These small jars aren’t only for spices and keeping things like bath salts and beauty supplies. 

Storage and Utility

YERA revolving jar set solves the purpose of easy storage. They are compact and transparent so that you can use them conveniently. Storing your spices will never be easier without a compact, easy-to-store glass jar set. 

YERA provides a glass spice jar set that will not break easily unless there is impact or falls on rim, keep your spices fresh, aid in preserving their flavor, and allow you to view them clearly. Any spice’s shelf life may be greatly extended via careful storage and sealed in glass. Another benefit is that the top of glass containers may touch the contents.


Wouldn’t it be annoying if your spices stored in the container started developing unsolicited odor and spoiling the essence of the spices? That is bound to happen if you use cheap non-food-grade plastic containers. YERA revolving spice jar set helps you sort out this problem. 

Using the revolving jar set by YERA will never disappoint you when it comes to odor aspect. The food-grade plastic used in these containers and the tight plastic lid ensures that your spices are always well-preserved. 

You can rest assured that when you store your spices in a YERA glass spice jar set, no unrequired odor will impact your spices. You can use these containers worry-free.

Why You Need to Store Your Spices Using the Right Container

The importance of proper spice storage cannot be overstated. In a nutshell, spices are most vulnerable to environmental variables, including air, moisture, and heat. Your spices’ spicy scent and robust flavors might be diminished if exposed to any of these.

Oxidation, aided by UV light and heat elements, will be responsible for much of the lost fragrance, flavor, and color. An aromatic ring refers to a certain chemical structure in all aromatic compounds. When this ring is broken by oxidation, the original fragrance is no longer present.

The volatile oils in spices, responsible for their exquisite, distinctive, and potent flavors, will also evaporate at temperatures over 37 degrees Celsius. That’s why you detect their flavors in what you eat! This is why you should be careful not to keep your spices over a heat source, such as an oven, stove, or dishwasher.

Final Thoughts

Spices are the life and soul of every meal. Using different spices may completely alter and improve the flavor of your dish. Spices are versatile ingredients that may be used to alter a dish’s taste, texture, aroma, and more. Knowing which spice goes well with what meal is the major challenge of cooking.

Spice experimenting is fun, but only if you know how to keep your spices fresh. Spices have a reputation for going bad quickly if not kept properly. A person who experiments with spices regularly will have a good idea of what sort of canister or kitchen storage jar is ideal.

Buying an airtight jar is essential if you want your spices to last. Your spices will quickly lose their flavor and scent if exposed to air. Your spices should be stored in YERA revolving spice jar set containers with tight lids that won’t leak.

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