Have you ever heated food in a plastic container and noticed that it tasted, well, like plastic? We’ve also been there. We are grateful for glass, who physically came to our aid to save the day. Thinking about ordering a glass bowl online?

You have come to the right place! The smooth, non-reactive surface of the YERA glass bowl set manufactured of “A” grade soda-lime glass ensures that toxins do not transfer, even when heated. It is also easily sterilizable. Additionally, it doesn’t absorb flavors or scents. Food kept in glass so retains its nutrition and stays safe and fresh longer.

Glass bowls, as opposed to plastic and metallic bowls, offer the utmost in kitchen convenience. Unlike metallic bowls, they don’t get hot, and unlike their plastic equivalents, they don’t burn readily. If there is any versatile cookware that is easy to clean as well as looks classy, it is a beautiful glass bowl set. This range of Yera mixing and serving bowls were designed as a tribute to the modern gleaming kitchen of today. The collection of Yera’s glass bowl set comes in different sizes to fulfil every need – be it reheating, cooking, mixing or storing food. You can order your set of YERA glass bowl online now!

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BC35-M25 Galaxy Bowl

Freezowarm Bowl BS401

Freezowarm Bowls with Lid BS402 4 pieces

Lumino Bowl – LU20 Round

Micro Polo Bowls B16FL

Micro-Polo Bowls B9FL

Pacifica Small Bowls B7PC

Twisty Bowl B7CR

YERA Drona Bowls Set, 230ml, 6 Piece

YERA Gourmet Bowls Set, 1000 ml, 1 Piece

YERA Gourmet Bowls Set, 345 ml, 2 Piece

YERA Iris Bowls Set, 260ml, 4 Piece

YERA Polaris Bowls Set, 1000 ml, 1 Piece

YERA Polaris Dessert Set, 7 Piece

YERA Venus Bowls Set, 1000 ml, 1 Piece

YERA Venus Bowls Set, 215 ml, 6 Piece

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